Django development on OSX using emacs

I started following the Django tutorials by arun. I wanted to know about the related classes and quickly look into docs for the things that I code, I wanted an environment that is nice to newbies, helping with code completion and easy documentation lookup. I searched and found a huge ...

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Running a Hacker news clone

I very much like the presentation of hackernews when it comes to understanding and making sense of the discussions quickly. It is a lot easier than reading pages of forums to get the main ideas of the discussions since the top comments and active discussions bubble to the top.

I ...

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Setting up a new VPS server

These are the things I did to setup new VPS instances on Digital Ocean and ChicagoVPS

Update the machine

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Set locales

sudo locale-gen
sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

add user

sudo adduser tutysra
# give sudo previliges
sudo visudo
tutysra ALL=(ALL) ALL

Install Git

sudo apt-get ...
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