Tips to prepare for TOEFL in two weeks

I wanted to share some tips on quickly preparing for the TOEFL iBT test I had to take TOEFL on a short notice, I had two weeks to take the exam and had prepared using materials that I will share in this post It helped me get a decent score (106⁄120) and I wanted to share those incredible materials that helped me with everyone who are looking to ace the exam in a short span of time. [Read More]

Machine Learning Flashcards from Twitter -- Part 2 Data Analysis and Download

This is the analysis part where we do a small analysis to find Which are the most important/popular tweets Whether older materials covered important concepts than recent tweets Load the necessary libs %load_ext autoreload %autoreload 2 %matplotlib inline import pandas as pd pd.set_option("display.width", 150) import requests import re import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib.image as mpimg from pathlib import Path Load csv df = pd.read_csv("chrisalbon_mlflashcards.csv") df['text'].fillna('', inplace=True)df. [Read More]

Machine Learning Flashcards from Twitter -- Part 1 Data Collection and Preprocessing

I was searching the net for mlflashcards, I found this incredible machine learning flashcard tweet series from Chris Albon. It looks pretty and covers a lot of ground, Got a thought – why not download them for later use? I thought it would be a fun exercise to start the weekend and jumped into action. Step 1 – Collect/Scrape data from twitter I evaluated using twitter api using tweetpy, but it has its own limitation aka we can search only a week worth of data which is not good for our use case. [Read More]